Travel: 3 Day Tirana Tour

July 3rd 2023 in Travel
Travel: 3 Day Tirana Tour

3 Day Tirana Tour

Discover the best of Valbona and Theth with your guide on this private, multi-day, multi-stop trip. Accommodation, meals and all transportation, including ferry tickets, are all included.

This adventurous multi-day tour of Valbona and Theth in the Albanian Alps brings you to Lake Koman, the Valbona Valley, and the charming village of Theth. Along with a personal guide, enjoy magnificent nature and Albanian friendliness. Your exclusive trip includes all accommodations, food, and transportation.

Day 1: Tirana - Koman Lake - Valbona

Leave Tirana early to make it to Koman Lake in time for the ferry to Fierza on the other side. Since 1985, this manufactured lake has been the only means for people to connect with the outside world.

Driving from Fierza to Valbona takes about 45 minutes, passing via the municipality of Bajram Curri. Enjoy a lunch break in Valbona before trekking in Kukaj, a relatively secluded place in Valbona Valley where you can witness how the inhabitants live.

Stay the night at the guesthouse after the day.

Day 2: Valbona to Theth Hike

On the final day of the tour, embark on an exciting walk from Valbona to Theth via a historical path that people have been using for years. Back then, the only way to get from Valbona to Shkoder was on foot, which took two days.

Walking down this walk, you'll pass through the village's oldest section, where residents still live in their more than 100-year-old stone buildings, which are lovely historical relics. The 18-kilometre journey provides breathtaking views of vast rocky slopes and beautiful green trees.

Stop for lunch at one of the historic caf├ęs along the route and enjoy snacks. You'll arrive in

Theth after roughly 7-8 hours of trekking. Enjoy Theth's distinctive nature, history, and traditions, especially the village's icon Lock-In Tower.

Stay at the guesthouse and eat dinner there.

Day 3: Theth - Shkoder - Tirana

The Grunas Waterfall is the next stop after breakfast at the accommodation. Take a 45-minute walk from the village centre, travelling through most of the village and into gentle hilly terrain.

Leaving Theth behind, drive for around 3 hours to Shkoder, Albania's largest city in the north. Spend some time in Shkoder before returning to Tirana in the evening to wrap up the journey.