Explore: Authentic Places in Albania

August 18th 2023 in Explore
Explore: Authentic Places in Albania

Explore: Authentic Places in Albania

When you go on vacation, you want to fully experience that country. We give you the most authentic places to visit in Albania, offering tourism information that will make the best out of your holiday.

See the beautiful beaches and take in its intriguing Balkan history by visiting our recommended locations in Albania.

Authentic Places in Albania

Becoming increasingly more popular with tourists, Albania is a rising star of the Balkans and it's easy to see why.

With its incredible scenic views, historical sites and famously friendly people, Albania has much to offer. However, we think these places will ensure you have the most authentic time in this wonderful country.

The Village of Theth

If beaches and city breaks aren’t your type of holiday and you want something a little different from your trip to Albania, then you can’t miss the village of Theth. This is a must-do for those who pack their hiking boots first.

Known for being wonderfully peaceful, the village is tucked away in the Albanian Alps and is much smaller than other holiday hotspots. Perfect if you’re in search of an adventure, the breathtaking views of the Albanian landscape as you navigate its two trails make for some enviable vacation photos.

Forests, rivers, springs and mountains; you’ll struggle to find a more beautiful location on your travels.


Authenticity means taking in and experiencing the country’s traditions. In Albania, the best place to do that is Gjirokastra.

This city is popular with visitors, but that only serves how unmissable it is. Found in the south of the country, take in its fascinating history as you peruse its castle, as well as the Zekati Family house from the 19th century.

Plus, Gjirokastra is known for its food and wine, particularly the family-run restaurant of Te Fucite. Try some traditional Albanian food whilst you’re there to really embrace the culture.

Stroll around the bazaar and in between the city’s streets and find its old town, now a UNESCO heritage site. What’s even better is that it shares some of those awe-inspiring views found in Theth.

Porto Palermo

Not everybody wants to hike or learn about history on their holidays. If you’re after sun, sea and relaxation, then we’ve got that covered too.

The beaches in Albania are certainly underrated, and perhaps those in Porto Palermo are even more so. Whilst others in the country host music festivals or fishing outings, this location is for swimming and sunning.

Found in Southern Albania on the Riviera, Palermo Port’s perfect blue seas and crisp white sand are enough for your body to relax upon sight. A hidden gem, its shores remain pristine and peaceful.

Perhaps you’re after a holiday packed with peace with the odd activity thrown in. Well, Albania’s Porto Palermo offers kayaking, camping and paddle boarding. Plus, it’s home to a triangular-shaped castle which is well worth a visit.


Nothing is more authentic in Albania than its capital, Tirana. A testament to the transformation the country has been through in recent history, don’t let appearances put you off.

An urban paradise, you can really live like a local for a few days by spending some time in Tirana. Bustling with cafes, bars and history through its museums and monuments, the capital has it all, including plenty of green spaces to explore.

Whilst you’re there, go up in the Sky Tower to take in the view of this underrated urban landscape. It might not be the most authentic way to experience the city, but it offers a view you’ll regret not getting. Combine that with wandering through Tirana’s heart and you’ll feel as if you’ve captured all the city has to offer.


Less than an hour from the capital, the historic town of Krujë is the perfect day trip for cramming authenticity into your Albanian holiday.

Regarded as one of the most important places in the country, Krujë was Albania’s first capital and immortalised one of its integral heroes, General Georg Kastriot Skanderbeg. The General led the rebellion against the Ottoman Empire back in the 15th century helping to liberate the country.

Now, the town is home to the Skanderbeg Museum. Providing astounding insight into the historical figure’s early life and military career.

However, Krujë also has a cobbled bazaar towards the bottom of the town where you can take in its glorious views whilst enjoying a beverage or two at sunset.

There is so much on offer in Albania that choosing what to do is a tricky task. Visiting any or all of the above will help you have a truly authentic experience in the country.

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