Tour of Albania for 8 Days

September 22nd 2023 in Explore
Tour of Albania for 8 Days

Tour of Albania For 8 Days

Immerse yourself in culture, excellent food, and natural marvels during this relaxed 8-day journey. Sunbathe on isolated beaches and unwind in seaside communities while tasting the Albanian Alps.

In Tirana, you begin your journey with a guided walking tour of the city centre, which includes Skanderbeg Square, Ethem Bey Mosque, the National Historical Museum, the Pyramid, and the Blloku district.

Thethi through Shkoder on Day 2

Visit the hilltop Rozafa Castle on the way to Shkodra, a little city at the foot of the Albanian Alps.

Enjoy the breathtaking vistas and the rich history of the stronghold. You'll stop in Shiroke for lunch, as Lake Shkoder is famous for its fish food.

On a guided trip, see the Old Town, St. Stephen's Catholic Cathedral, and the Ebu Bekr Mosque before travelling to Theth, stopping in the mountain village of Boge and Thore Pass, surrounded by mountains.

The Blue Eye of Theth and Grunas Waterfall and Canyon on Day 3

Spend the day hiking through Theth National Park. Take in the sights and sounds of the Grunas waterfall and Canyon. Enjoy a soothing soak and lunch at Nderlysa's Natural Pools. After hiking through breathtaking surroundings, be astounded by the Blue Eye of Theth.

Durres via Kruja on Day 4

Leave the northern village of Theth and travel to Kruja.

Set out on a guided tour to Dollma Bektashi Teqe, its surroundings, and the Skanderbeg Museum.

Lunch at a small restaurant in Kruja with a spectacular view of the city and valley of Kruja. After some free time to explore the Old Bazaar, transfer to the beach city of Durres.

Saranda via Gjirokaster on Day 5

Transfer to Gjirokaster, where you will discover the "city of a thousand steps" while passing through little towns. Once there, check into your hotel before exploring the castle's rich history and admiring the 'city of stone' from above. Visit the Ottoman Bazaar and a historic wooden house before stopping for lunch at a modest local eatery to sample the city's genuine delicacies. You will subsequently stop at the "Blue Eye" spring on the way to Saranda.

Butrint and Ksamil on Day 6

Transfer to Butrint for a UNESCO archaeological site visit. After that, you'll have time to relax on the beach in the Ksamil Islands before returning to Saranda in the evening.

Day 7: Vlore by way of Ali Pasha Castle and the Riviera Road

Your guide will take you to Porto Palermo Castle before spending the day at the beach at Porto Palermo Bay. You'll stop at Tirana and the Llogara "balcony" along the trip to sample local items.

Berat (UNESCO) and Tirana sightseeing tour

Set out from Vlore for Berat, the "City of Thousand Windows," where you may see the Red and White Mosque, the Church of the Holy Trinity, and the Gorica arched bridge. Alpeta Winery will welcome you for an afternoon cellar and vineyard tour. Lunch is served with seasonal home-grown and locally sourced organic delicacies and great wine.