Explore: Top 5 Places

February 10th 2023 in Travel
Explore: Top 5 Places

Albania is a small nation on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe, with an inner mountain range known as the Albanian Alps and Adriatic and Ioniansea coasts. There are numerous castles and ancient landmarks throughout the nation. The National History Museum houses exhibit spanning antiquity to post-communism, and the frescoed Et'hemBeyMosque is both located in Tirana's hugeSkanderbegSquare.

Here are five places you could visit if you come to Albania


The Albanian Riviera is the most well-liked tourism destination in the nation. Numerous international music events, including Turtle Fest and Soundwave Albania, have been held on the Riviera, earning a solid reputation as a significant music destination.One of the top places to visit on the Albanian Riviera is thebeachfronttown of Himarë. The region's finest sandy stretches at Porto Palermo Beach,LlamaniBeach, andFilikuriBeach.DrymadesBeach is one of the region's liveliest areas. Young people from all over Europe come to the Albanian Riviera to party at nightclubs likeFolieMarine inJaleBeach and Havana Beach Club next toDhermi.


Pogradec, situated on LakeOhrid's eastern beaches, is one of Albania's most exciting tourist destinations.Pogradecis renowned for having rich folklore, and one of the most intriguing events on the tourism calendar in Albania is the PuppetTheatreFestival.

Lake Ohrid is also the deepest lake in the Balkans, and while the Macedonian side of the lake is more popular, Albania's shore is becoming more popular.Pogradecis also about 30 to 45 minutes away from the breathtakingShebenik-JabllanicëNational Park and theDrilonSprings.

3.Komani Lake

VisitingKomaniLake in Albania should be on everyone's bucket list because it offers some of the most magnificent landscapes in the Balkans. The voyage, which transports tourists from the hydroelectric dam atKomanito the port ofFierza, is frequently referred to as one of the world's finest boat trips.

The views from the Komani Lake Ferry are genuinely breathtaking, even for the residents who use it frequently, who may now take for granted the rugged grandeur of the Albanian mountains. The ferry ride is also a fantastic chance to observe how many Albanians who live in rural areas live.


Apollonia, once one of Pyrrhus of Epirus's dominions. Apollonia should still be on the agenda for anyone who wishes to understand more about the detailed history of Albania up close, even though those times are long gone. Apollonia's ruins are breathtaking, and the views from this area of Albania are also outstanding. They are located in the center of Albania and are conveniently close to the city of Fier. This place is a must-see for anyone visiting Albania for the first time.


Given the town's rapid growth over the past 20 years,Sarandëis one of Albania's most popular tourist destinations. While theUNESCO World Heritage SiteatButrintis nearby and well worth a visit,Sarandëis also home to some of Albania's most amazing beaches.

One of the top destinations in Sarandë isLëkurësiCastle, where visitors go to watch breathtaking sunsets. The well-known Greek island of Corfu is just a short boat ride away from Sarandë.So, if you ever coming to Albania, why not visit these places?