Festivals in Albania

March 22nd 2023 in Celebration
Festivals in Albania

Albania is quickly becoming the newest and sexiest destination on the travel must-see list, but the good news is that it hasn't yet gone mainstream. You may appreciate local traditions and customs without dealing with mass visitors. It could arrive shortly, so act quickly. Until then, now is unquestionably the most excellent time to visit Albania.

The Adriatic and Ionian seas lapped the beaches, offering beautiful beaches to relax on. You may also travel into the Albanian Alps and enjoy breathtaking landscapes at every turn. Visit Tirana and learn about its history and culture while also shopping. Albania has a lot to offer, and if you like festivals, you'll love this country's variety.


Kala is a relatively new festival, having debuted only two years ago. Yet, it was such a big success that it happened the following two years! Kala is a music festival that draws well-known DJs from all across Europe. You may enjoy the lovely scenery while dancing until morning at Dhërmi.

Kala is generally held in June, but verify beforehand as the date varies yearly. Remember to visit the gorgeous and peaceful beaches surrounding Dhërmi to top up your tan while listening to the music.

UNUM Festival

The UNUM festival, which takes place every year between the end of May and the beginning of June, is a fun-filled music festival that does not allow you to sleep! You'll find something to your liking among the local and international music performers, and it's located in the picturesque north of the country, in the Lezhe area.

UNUM is a celebration of nature and music; nonetheless, it is not the most relaxing of festivals - there is far too much to do! But is it enjoyable? Certainly!

South Outdoor Festival

Every April, the South Outdoor Festival takes place in Borsh, in the country's south, for four days. You can sample local cuisine, watch musical and dramatic performances, and learn more about this lovely region of the country and its customs.

It also doesn't hurt that South Outdoor Festival is held on the picturesque Albanian Riviera! But remember to go beyond the beaches and into the neighbouring countryside, where you'll find calm olive trees.

Korca Beer Festival

If you enjoy local and international beers, the Korca Beer Festival is a must-see every August for four days. This is a tremendously popular festival, with over 100,000 people attending each year. Another advantage? It's free, and you'll get to try beers from around the world and ones brewed locally in the Korca region.

The festival includes music from local and national bands, food vendors, and a festive atmosphere.

Dita e Veres

Dita e Veres is a hugely prominent annual celebration in Albanian culture. If you visit the country in March, you'll be in for a treat because there are large celebrations around the country, with families and children frequently enjoying time together. There will be plenty of traditional food, dancing, and overall joy.

This pagan event commemorates Diana, the Goddess of forests, vegetation, and nature, emerging from her temple to break the winter season. As such, it heralds the transition from winter to spring and greatly emphasises nature. The day before Dita e Veres, you'll notice folks looking for a clump of grass with soil and roots to preserve in their home as a good luck charm.

National Festival Of Urban Folk Songs

Folk music is trendy in this part of the world. Every March, this statewide celebration of local folk music, which varies by town, takes place. Elbasan is the place for this festival, as there will be a significant concert including many musicians from over the country and a generally fun-filled atmosphere!

Gjirokastër Folk Festival

This event is less common than the others because it only happens every four years in September. Despite this, it is a significant event, with the first occurring in 1968.

Gjirokaster Folk Festival features music, dancing, performances, and art from around the Balkan region and numerous foreign performers. This festival is recognised by UNESCO for its cultural heritage roots, and you can expect a large throng on the day.

Tirana International Film Festival

You should check out the International Film Festival if you're in Tirana in November. Every November since 2003, the festival has featured movie clips, full-length titles from around the world, and many local films.

Albanian Independence Day

Albania's most important official holiday is on November 28th, commemorating the country's independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912.

There are numerous events across the country, and because most people are off work, there is likely to be something going on no matter where you are!

Tomato Festival

As strange as it may sound, the Tomato Festival is a popular annual event in Shëngjergj Village in September. The settlement is only a short distance from Tirana, but the drive across the lovely Priska pass is breathtaking.

Local traditions and cultural acts will be available, as well as numerous excellent, locally-grown dishes, including tomatoes! Check out the folk dancing and music, and pick up some trinkets and handcrafted souvenirs to take home with you.

Olive Festival

Every year on November 3rd, Brar hosts the Olive Festival. This event has numerous locally made cuisine from across the country, but the focus is on olives! You'll also get to take a tour of the area's olive groves, some of which stretch back thousands of years.

This enjoyable event allows you to sample various local products and purchase some to take home. Locally-produced olive oil is delicious!

Kruja Mountain Festival

In August, you may enjoy the Kruja Mountain Festival, which has a vantage point to take in the view! Several religions travel throughout the country on this pilgrimage path, stopping at the cave within the mountain where various miracles are reported to have occurred.

You can walk up the mountain or drive if you're feeling active. The views are unique, so make sure your camera memory card has enough room.