Guide: Why Kruje Is Worth Visiting

September 27th 2023 in Explore
Guide: Why Kruje  Is Worth Visiting

Nestled in Northern Albania and only a short trip from Tirana is Krujë, a historic town worth visiting. Learn what Krujë is known for, including its famous castle, as well as all the things to do here! Spend a day, or more, in Krujë, ensuring it is part of your adventure in Albania.

What is Krujë Known For?

Like many places in Albania, Krujë is known for its historical importance associated with the Ottoman Empire. However, what makes this beautiful town different is its location near the Albanian Alps, as well as its blend of archaic and modern in of small yet scenic place.

In its extensive history, Krujë is most famous for being the home of Skanderbeg and the birth of revolution against the Ottomans. Additionally, it is also the former capital of Albania, cementing its position as the hub of Albanian independence in the country’s long history.

For those unfamiliar with Skanderbeg, the military commander fought for the last 25 years of his life against the Ottomans. Unifying Albanian troops, he defeated Ottoman rule from Krujë back in the 1400s. Though this was 800 years ago, Skanderbeg is still very fondly remembered as a national hero, and that is none more apparent than in Krujë.

Things To Do In Krujë Albania

This is a location for you if you love history, however, there are plenty of things to do in Krujë to give you an authentic experience in Albania.

Krujë Castle

Krujë Castle

You can’t visit Krujë without going to its famous castle. This alone would make Krujë worth visiting!

Still standing from the Ottoman Empire, the castle is at the top of the hill in the town, but it shouldn’t be too difficult a hike to reach the historical site. Gazing over the town below the views from here, at over 600 metres above sea level, are breathtaking. From here, you get to witness Krujë from above and the surrounding mountainous landscape. What’s even more impressive is that when the weather is good, you can even see Tirana and the Adriatic Sea from here!

This was the place where Skanderbeg gathered the Albanian troops and stood against the Ottomans. Built-in the 1400s, it’s almost unbelievable that it’s in such good condition today.

By walking through the ruins, it’s not difficult to imagine what life as an Albanian soldier would’ve been like.


Statue of Skanderbeg

Unsurprisingly, a place with such historical importance has museums perfect four tourists wishing to learn more.

Still within the castle grounds but lower than the fortress itself are two museums that will give you an authentic insight into Albanian history. One is the National Skanderbeg Museum and the other the Ethnographic Museum of Krujë.

Both are impressive buildings without stepping inside. But once you’re within the Skanderbeg Museum’s walls the stunning illustrations, artefacts and more about the commander are revealed.

On the other hand, the Ethnographic Museum couldn’t be more different, but its layout is very unique. Situated within a traditional Ottoman home, you are transported back to Medieval times once you’re inside. The museum truly tells you what life under Ottoman rule was like and couldn’t be more authentic.

Both are fantastic options for things to do in Krujë, especially if you’re travelling on a budget.

Authentic Albanian Restaurants

Plate of chips, skewers and bread

Wherever you’re travelling, experiencing authentic food is a must. Not only will you be trying something new, but you’ll get to feel more like a local and know that you’ve made the most out of your trip!

Luckily, Krujë is bustling with delicious restaurants and cafes you can visit after your historic trip up to the castle. Whether you just need a refreshing cup of coffee whilst taking in the impressive view, or a hearty meal before heading back on your 8-day tour of Albania.

If you’ve only got time for a quick snack, then we recommend trying some homemade Albanian bread. However, you should fit in some seafood or some Fergese whilst you’re in the area.

Visit The Krujë Bazaar

Below the castle and nestled into the hills is Krujë Old Town, and within it lays one of the oldest bazaars in Albania. Walk among the cobbled streets and visit the dozens of merchants ready to sell you a souvenir of your trip to Krujë.

It’s in the bazaar that you get to experience modern Krujë, with a huge variety of items on sale representing the traditions and modernities of Albanian life.

Take a relaxing stroll through the variety of stalls to finish your day trip to Krujë.

Now you know what Krujë is known for and how there are so many things to do in Albanian town, ensure it’s on your itinerary when visiting the country.

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