Speedboat Trip and Snorkeling

June 19th 2023 in Travel
Speedboat Trip and Snorkeling

On this speedboat day excursion, you'll see Haxhi Ali cave, the inland shore of Karaburun, and Sazan Island. Snorkel in a sea cave and enjoy a combination of magnificent bays, pure water, and history.

The departure time begins at 10:00 a.m. Meet the guide at Vlora Touristic Port, in front of Hotel Bologna; arrive 10 minutes before departure.

You board, and the first stop on the voyage is Sazan Island, which takes about 40/50 minutes to reach. You stay on the island for about an hour, and the guide will take you to Sazan Island's Old inhabited Town, telling you the history and interesting anecdotes about the island. After the tour, you can spend the rest of the time lying on the island's crystal waters beach, and drinks will be served to keep you cool from the heat.

You board again and travel to Haxhi Ali Cave, which is about 15 minutes away from Sazan Island. You enter the cave, stay snorkel, and explore the cave; snorkelling equipment can be ordered from the guide at no cost.

In addition to the cave investigation, you continue your journey and stop at a beautiful beach in the hinterland of the Karaburun Peninsula. It is a well-equipped beach with a small cafe providing local food and drinks, where you may have lunch.

After admiring the crystal blue waters and breathtaking scenery, you board the boat and return to the Vlora Touristic Port, a 30-minute journey away. The voyage has come to an end.