The IMMAF World Championships 2023 Are In Tirana, Albania!

October 31st 2023 in Celebration
The IMMAF World Championships 2023 Are In Tirana, Albania!

The IMMAF World Championships 2023 Are In Tirana, Albania!

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It’s almost time for the IMMAF World Championships 2023! This time it's coming to the beautiful Tirana in Albania.

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and this is the second time that Europe is hosting the World Championships.

As the event approaches, let's check out the details about IMMAF World Championships 2023 tickets, dates, and schedule.

What Is MMA?

For those who don’t know, MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. This sport combines martial arts and wrestling techniques and can be traced back to the ancient Olympic Games

Mixed Martial Arts has grown in popularity largely due to the internet, becoming a global sport through the competition Ultimate Fighting Champion.

Boxing, freestle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, Taekwondo, judo, and karate make up MMA, as well as other martial arts forms to produce the best combative performance. To be an athlete in this sport, you need to be able to utilize the best techniques across the arts.

There are two defining rules of MMA: One is being able to strike an opponent when they’re on the ground and the other is a ‘fenced enclosure’, protecting the athlete.

What Is The MMA World Championships?

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The IMMAF is the international body for MMA whose purpose is to develop the sport internationally, raising it from recreational to elite.

Wishing to gain worldwide recognition, the IMMAF provides a community. It has established guidelines and regulations, educating others on the sport and setting up MMA federations in each country.

Every year, the IMMAF organises competitions for athletes aged 12 and upwards, including the IMMAF World Championships 2023 in Tirana.

The IMMAF World Championships 2023 Are Coming To Tirana!

The IMMAF held its first World Championships in Las Vegas back in 2014, however, after combining with the World Mixed Martial Arts Association in 2018, the competition was transformed.

5 years later, the Albanian MMA Federation is hosting the International World Championships from Tirana Olympic Park.

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The IMMAf World Championships 2023 dates are from November 20-25, with registration opening on November 19.

Many amateur fighters will compete here in the hopes of reaching world acclaim. Across its history, the IMMAF has boosted more than 125 athletes to professional careers within the UFC and other world stages.

In the past, world-renowned fighters found their home here, such as Amana Ribas from Brazil and Brendan Allen from the USA.

Last year, more than 500 athletes competed from 62 countries after the World Championships were held in Belgrade, Serbia. However, the IMMAF World Championship 2023 proves to be even bigger.

This year there will be six weight divisions for female athletes, ranging from Atomweight to Lightweight. The men will be split into 10 weight divisions, from Strawweight to Super Heavyweight.

Save the IMMAF World Championships dates in your diary so you don't miss the thrilling event.

IMMAF World Championship 2023 Tickets

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like spectators can attend the event and therefore IMMAF World Championship 2023 tickets aren’t available.

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However, fans of MMA will be able to watch the event through IMMAF TV, a specific streaming site for the championships, and more.

For only $8.99 you can get a month's worth of streaming privileges which will cover all events from the World Championships and watch the event from the comfort of your home.

The IMMAF offers volunteering opportunities across their championships and events across the world. Truly immerse yourself in the world of MMA, learning new transferable skills as well as being part of something really special.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any volunteering openings at the moment, but keep your eye out on the IMMAF page. To apply, you just need to send your CV and a cover letter to their email address and you could be standing ringside at one of the most exciting up-and-coming sporting events!

Fans will have to wait for the IMMAF World Championship 2023 schedule to be released as it does not appear to be online yet. As we are only a few weeks away from the exciting event, keep your eyes peeled for more information closer to the competition.

The World Championships being held in Tirana is great for the beautiful city. Hopefully, fans of the sport will spend a little extra time in the Albanian capital, enjoying the natural wonders and immensely friendly locals.