Enjoy The Weekend in Vlora

July 7th 2023 in Travel
Enjoy The Weekend in Vlora

Weekend in Vlora

If you plan a trip to Albania, remember to put Vlora in your itinerary. Vlora is the country's third-largest city and one of its most picturesque. It is flanked by some of Albania's best beaches, ancient monasteries, castles, and archaeological sites.

Day 1: Morning

Begin your weekend in Vlora by visiting Narta, a little village northwest of the city. A Greek community with a nice, tiny Orthodox church and traditional white dwellings may be found here. We strongly advise renting a car because buses are not the best option for visiting pristine areas in the Land of the Eagles region.

Then, proceed to the Zvernec Monastery, one of the most beautiful churches in southern Albania. Remember to bring your camera to capture breathtaking images of this wonderful location. Few tourists know it, so don't be surprised if you're the only one with a camera. Return to the main street and select one of the various restaurants available for delectable fish meals. The greatest are the ones with no signboards, exclusively frequented by locals.

Day 1: Afternoon

As previously stated, Vlora boasts many intriguing attractions, including the archaeological park of Orikum, a small settlement south of the city core. Because the archaeological remains are found within a navy installation, you will need special authorization from the soldiers to visit them. Visitors are typically allowed to see it. Did you know that Julius Caesar's first city taken during his conquest of Epirus was Orikum? In his masterpiece, De Bello Civili, the Roman emperor described it. Albania is brimming with surprises.

Day 1: Evening

The recently renovated Lungomare is one of Vlora's best places to eat. This promenade provides stunning views of the sea and the adjacent Karaburun Peninsula and Sazan Island. Lungomare has many restaurants, including Mustafa, but you should keep walking until you reach Uje Ftohte, near the boulevard's end. This is where you'll discover Amantia, a popular hangout for locals with a lovely terrace.

Day 1: Night

Vlora becomes one of the liveliest places in Albania and the Balkans during summer. Because most Albanians from Tirana, Kosovo, and the neighbouring areas spend their vacations here, Vlora has a strong reputation for nightclubs. It's a terrific venue to spend a fun night out. There are numerous excellent nightclubs, discotheques, and caf├ęs along the coast. Coco Bongo, a stunning beachfront club, is one of the coolest.

Day 2: Morning

The ideal thing to do on your second day in Vlora is first to have a delicious breakfast of trilece (a milk and cream cake) and Turkish coffee at Piazza, a stunning port-side cafe, and then get a ticket to the Karaburun Peninsula and Sazan Island. Teuta Boat Tours departs at 9 a.m. daily from the port of Vlora, near Hotel Bologna, and returns at 5 p.m. During those eight hours, you can swim in crystal clear waters, relax, tour natural caves, appreciate breathtaking views, and eat fresh fish at the beachside restaurant.

Day 2: Afternoon

If you're not too sleepy, return to town and visit the historic castle of Kanina for breathtaking views of Vlora. The castle, built in the third century BC and renovated in the sixth century AD by Justinian I, is claimed to be one of the oldest and largest in the Vlora region. The original fortress is now simply a few ruins, yet it is still visible and simple to picture how large it once was.

Day 2: Evening

Vlora has a wide range of restaurants and pubs, but for delicious, crispy, fried fish, head directly to Piceri Restoran Mustafa, one of the best in town. If you don't like fish, don't worry; this lovely restaurant also serves delicious pizza, spaghetti, and vegetarian options.

Day 2: Night

Go straight to Summer Depo on your last night in Vlora. During the day, this lovely location is one of the most elegant bathhouses in town. Summer Depo transforms into one of the coolest spots to have fun, dance, and drink fantastic cocktails after the sun goes down.